October 31, 2007 - 9:03 pm

::: visit Elvira online now :::well ::: happy halloween to everyone out there ::: i should be mucking it up in Salem or something, no? ::: but i am back at the apartment, catching up on the reality television & handing out candies to the trick or treaters ::: >>>

big news ::: on 'Search for the Next Elvira' ::: the winner, the very next Elvira is April ::: to be completely open & honest, this is the first episode i tuned into ::: it makes complete sense that the culminating episode of tit or treat occurs on this very haunted evening ::: seems like it was a fun show to tune into ::: noone trying to save the world or anything grand ::: just goth & bosoms ... horror & hypnotizing cleavage ::: >>>

of course there is the myspace page for Elvira & her little reality show ::: i think it's funny that the band is called something like 'The Last Danse' or something ::: i personally like the candellabra ... all the black & red & bad lighting from the original show ::: the commentary very tongue & cheek as he says ::: >>>

:::::::::: oh, well i must go ... there is the doorbell now ::: i have a few flights to descend with my bowl of tropical dots & baby ruths ::: might just take one of those bad boys myself now, no? ::: >>>

have the frightful night now, ya hear? ::: >>>

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