November 02, 2009 - 3:15 am

today has not beeN alL that productive froM the corporate perspective ::: theRe ::: i say it ::: 'out loud' ::: heRe oN the world wide web of deceit ::: i have said not lots doNe today ::: >>>

i know, i know ::: we alL feeL the typical judeoChristian guilttrip of workaday capitalisM, no? ::: wheN things do not go aS corporatioN planned it ::: when every minute oN every day does NOT go to soMe miraculous new step oN the right directioN ::: >>>


soMetiMes i sink we need to spend moRe tiMe oN the daydreaMing
& leSs tiMe oN looking like we aRe alL SO buSy & important
soMetiMes it might be okay to find a space that is not so
amazingly task-oriented ::: not so terrifically object-oriented
in fact ::: this is okay if not oriental at alL



<<< ::: what would my reality show be? ::: >>>


do you ever ask oN yourself this things?


its really difficult to telL if aNyoNe would watch a show like this, no? ::: i meaN, a show that has no edits, no real plot [ except for the oNe we give ourselves, our little daily gift ] ::: nobody really even breaks fourth walL & addresses teh camera like they do on the MTV 'Real World' series, ya know? ::: its like, a LOT more dullsville ::: >>>

how do we even stand ourselves aNyMoRe wheN faced w/ the fastcklip editing & crazy television effects we caN see on broadcast show, but not oN real life? ::: what is real anymoRe? ::: is real now becoMe the boring? ::: caN we edit ouR own DVD outtakes? the 'deleted sceNes' if you will? ::: is theRe a 'director's cut' to life? ::: oR iS thiS sillytalk now? ::: what if halloween didn't happen this year at alL? ::: wheRe did alL the really good malls go to oN the summertiMe? ::: >>>



& so now we alL keep buSy w/ social media website experiences ::: this is both good & bad ::: it makes us have busy tiMes foR ouR own personal tiMe & space ::: it keeps us buSy at work too for soMe of uS ::: the illusioN is sometiMes that we are SO busy & in fact we aRe buSy making comment oN a photo soMeoNe scanned in froM 20 years ago or soMe such thing like this & none of it seeMs real because noNe of it is reaL ::: suRe ::: its reality ::: its 'a' reality ::: a continuous notePassing & photoSharing online system that let's you comment & sometiMes you click on ad & sometiMes you aRe lost for hours & sometiMes not ::: it becoMes our new base level for visual & interactive whitenoiSe it becoMes our little personal ways to unwind & theN we never unwind ::: >>>

theRe is not a lot left for us to say to each other now ::: we aRe what we email ::: does anybody still give a click? ::: >>>


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November 04, 2009 - 7:11 pm

i gueSs this is the seriouS busineSs ::: when they say the biggest loSeR, they meaN the BIGGEST loSeR ::: >>>


:: you are being watched ::



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