November 26, 2002 - 9:38 pm

don't be such the laMe duck - no?


thiS mourning it is freezing outside & i aM driving to work in my usuaL hurriedness & amidst the mourning mist & the windshield fog i see a baby red cardinal just out from the right side of the road & it waS almost too late ::: i didn't know on the entire commute if i had killed the little red bird as the vehicle just seemed to go right after the little guy & over hiM as welL [ i actually do not know if it was a male or not as i am not necessarily carniverous or cavernous at that ] ::: >>>

the little baby bird ::: fat red brushstroke ::: mourning nightmare ::: my conscious riddled me at times throughout the day ::: waS i — a bird murderer? ::: >>>


aNyhow ::: enough on that :::::::::::: i think at least ::: >>>


i dreaM of pumpkiNs ::: >>>

yeS — we misS you rosS — the radio pü doeS miss you moistly aS you might've said ::: i aM sure you are recuperating from 10 years of the boston sceNe by now — or at least beginning to at that ::: i love youR website by the way ::: veRy dreaMy & just burst chock fulL 'o' the creative ::: a fiNe perusaL of alL things roSs ::: rosS hamliN ::: eggs float in the sky for you ::: you w/ pigtails & the carpenters ::: you & the voices that follow you around [ they follow me now too ] ::: boston is much much colder now that it is hamlinless ::: perhaps we shalL meet agaiN? — no?

after the splortch is goNe — theRe are no new dairy products iN the grocer's freezer — alL puppets are merely butter now — we dreaM of rosS as salute & as friends we aRe missing you ::: >>>





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November 25, 2002 - 8:45 pm

tick tock & you don't stop ::: >>>


sometiMes you write to filL the tiMe while you are waiting ::: sometiMes you write because you aRe truly inspired to write — you know? — it just like, coMes to you ::: >>>


theSe aRe not either of thiS tiMes for me however :::::::::::: >>>



chopping karate blocks now [ hiya ] ::: >>>driving dowN the road on the late nite i noticed a maN dressed in complete karate uniforM coMing out of the papa gino's ::: this to me is a strange ::: >>>

i don't know on you or anything ::: but i find the master blackbelt on the martial arts coming out of the pizza place purports humorous aftertoNes ::: i imagiNe the pizzachef spinning the magic dough up & dowN on clenched fist & theN suddenly to the reverberating crash of the gong accompanies the entrance of said ninja into the restaurant ::: 'give me back the secret weapon' he bellows out as he sidles up to the take out bar to pick up his large papa pepperoni only to then slide out into the night & back to the dojo ::: >>>


anyhow ::: theSe are strange tiMes indeed ::: >>>


mass riot's at miss world contestations ::: no more james coburn ::: & now this renegade martial artist at the papa gino's ::: >>>


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