January 12, 2003 - 10:02 pm

this wednesday ::: check it out ::: >>>


well well welL ::: dont'chya know? ::: little old sinus brady will be hosting 'Scara's Nite Out' at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge Massachusetts this Wednesday ::: click here for soMe nice details under 'Rock' courtesy of the Boston Phoenix — beantown's source for alternative informatioN ::: >>>

woah - this is like so totally cool::::::::::::: yes — this is correct y'alL :::::::: yours truly ::::::::: the man w/ the accent & glasses — will MC a fine event featuring a plethora of area talent : my good friend Chris Mascara [ pictured to the right ] of the band Mascara had a wonderful idea to put together this gig that will include the Binary System : Peter Moore : Mascara : Larry Meyerhoff : Ted Drozdowski and Sandro G [ Portuguese & English hip hop ] ::::: it shoudl be a good tiMe indeed — so bring a date — do not be late — & have a a blast the Scara way this Wednesday January 15 2003 8:30PM :::::::: i have a feeling that this 1 should be a doozy of a show — i am certaiN that i wilL consuMe a few beverages to lubricate the smooth vocalizations necessary for just such an MC opportunity [ hoping also to sneak in a few poeMs i wrote in the server rooM at work — baby it's cold in there — you know? — the purring of a millioN little rack-mount units blinking & whirring like a computer-portraiture of old man sea himself ]

welL ::: if you are half the maN i remember you being — you wilL show up & have a rip-roaring good tiMe ::: [ have 1 less vodka than you had at the previous show — ok? — we needn't aNy fights & sceNes of ultra-violeNce ::: i hate it when you get that way ::: i wilL make sure that mar attends & if you begin to slur youR speech — he wilL take the matter at hand & bring you away from the Lizard Lounge to a local sushi bar ::: i'm warning you — mar wilL steal your shoes & leave you staring at the shrimprolL alL by yourself you evil bastard — enough about you though ]


visit Mascara onliNe ::: >>>


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January 12, 2003 - 9:14 pm

zim zaM ::: >>>


:::::::::::::::::::::::: don't give up ::: >>>


no matter what you do ::::::::::::::: don't ever quit :::: >>>


:::::::::::: yo :::::: >>>



just trying my hand at a new gangsta rap idea i have brewing inside me as i drive on my way to the work ::: you know? ::: i've just gotz the beat inside of me ::: yo ::: >>>


[ when i speak upon the micra phone ::: peace out ]

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