December 23, 2002 - 9:14 pm

zim zaM ::: >>>


i feeL bad for people who get warts ofteN ::: it always looks to be so painfuL — you know? ::: >>>

but — i also do not know how i would go about helping the cause against warts — you know? — how i would assist to rid the fingers & forearMs of those so readily afflicted — to rid the fingers & forearMs of those warts ::: >>>

if anyoNe has the idea — please let me know ::: >>>

:::::::::::::::::: because ::::::::::::::::::::::::



i want to know ::: >>>


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December 23, 2002 - 7:26 pm

theSe are a few of my favourite things ::: >>>



just an idea for a performance i wanted to
run by you : i portray myself — sinus brady :
you portray someone else [ perhaps in a gas
mask & inna 3-piece suit ( because you love
them so ) ] : we enter a space - perhaps on
stage - perhaps in public — wherever :

we have 2 laptops [ i have them — not to
worry ] : we both sit down near-simultaneously
& plug into various outlets about & around the
room : the familiar sound of start-up noises
begins : we begin typing : perhaps one of us
to the other — we sometimes type simulateously
sometimes opposite to each other : typing typ-
ing typing : familiar 'you've got mail' etcetera
— if we feel that sounds outside of typing are
to pertain : we are in very close proximity to
each other — but — we continue to type & at
certain points it is very clear that we are
communicating w/ each other thru these machines :

perhaps we are even sitting back to back — who
knows or cares? : as long as it is obvious that
there is no real human speech : no talking : all
mime all the time 24/7 :

just typing : occasional gesticulations indicating
reactions to the communication : but mostly typing :

4 minutes & 27 seconds later we both shut down —
pack our laptops away - & move along :

no conversation : no talking : no explanation :

real-life : hitting you square in the jaw : right
in the carpal-tunnel : you know?

let me know if someday you are interested in
actually performing this one : this sort of
dueling laptops theme ::: >>>

[ S i N u S B R a D y ]
software engineer | database administrator               6!L.9F4.2P!9


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December 19, 2002 - 9:27 pm

pizza pizza ::: >>>


who the helL iS thiS jojo? ::: >>>welL ::: alL i know is that this crazy iraQ stuff is just completely out of controL alL around my friends ::: please check out thiS amazing comicstrip which sums up the diviNe sillinesS behind the operatioN enduring freedoM ::: >>>

but seriously folks ::: what the helL is going oN? we alL know that theRe is soMething fishy smelling here — no? i meaN — no hard proof of the weapoNs of mass destructioN ::: thiS documentatioN thing & alL of that ::: i don't know anymoRe ::: i meaN historically we do not like the mustachioed meN iN foreigN lands — but i think there is something bigger thaN the both of us going oN here ::: & i think it is about the oiL ::: >>>

but we can talk on this summore later oN ::: >>>


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