July 06, 2016 - 7:44 pm

its okay, i understand ::: tattoo is alL rage now foR the kids, no? ::: they'Re alL doing it theSe days ::: soMe of them get suicide girl on that shiZzat, too, they are tell me

::: scaN me iN ::: i daRe you :::


looks like tiMe has coMe to scaN me iN

my life & tiMes, aS i document them now on social web, can be seen for available up on instagraM now



this shit's getting real now, no? i go on social media & put my signal messages up on these platforms to promote more of my political stance oN ins & outs of life as we know it for 2016

we live on strange tiMes indeed ::: each of us with ability to instantly share our thoughts & feelings, images & ideas ... alL in split second of a micro-moment

theRe is no editorial staff for quality control for language clean-up advise, nobody to guide & refine our thinking before publishing our subconscious outlet to these highly-public media sites

we do this alL for free

it is work we do between the other work

for some of us, it becoMes our primary work, the core of identity, of activity, of being

we get embed link from one social media website & share oveR onto other sites, too ::: we share because we can, not because we have anything of value or interest for share, but just because

we are all now the personification of the verb 'sharing'

do you see what we mean on this?

why do we neveR negotiate the worth to theSe activities? or even content from our toils to share? when did we become sharecroppers for the content generation?

& who is doing the reaL work now?



sometiMes it caN be difficult to know what is reaL aNyMore, no?


it alL changes veRy quickly ::: soMetiMes right froM undeR youR feet & eyes


we no longer need to walk to electric aveNue ::: electric aveNue coMes to uS



it caMe to me iN a feed




we aRe liviNg the dreaM

but we aRe losiNg the dreaMers

we aRe alL losiNg the ability to dreaM

dreaMing is automated

its automagic

& cyberSurreal


we have privatized ev'Rything now, too

do it yourself

on youR own tiMe, at youR convenience, whenever you like

its alL for you

oNliNe, alL the tiMe

won't you calL now?



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