February 26, 2003 - 3:45 pm

<<< ::: S P A M ::: >>>


a quick update on the operation enduriNg emaiL my friends ::: >>> it seeMs that i have received further correspondeNce froM the rather suspicious & inscrupulous 'Z21' ::: [ please view the veRy BRaDy guestbook & read 'entry 52' and others that coMe thereafteR — oNce agaiN ::: be forewarned of the misleading decoy links — theSe aRe merely linkrot left by this despicable e-fiend oN the looSe ] <<< ::: >>>


go theRe ::: do that ::: >>>


mr 'Z21' has decided to pack his interstallaR cyberbags & head oN hoMe to the darkside i see ::: & caN you truly blaMe hiM? ::: i stilL believe that perhaps 'Z' has hiddeN messages iN the spaM that issues forth unto me [ & perhaps to you too my virtualfriends out theRe ] ::: >>>

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welL welL welL ::: as if you couldn't guess ::: no longer does the 'Z21' situatioN resolve itself in a faux-peacefuL manner [ faux siNce we alL aRe stilL receiving spaM emails from the likes of 'Z21' & the eviL spaM coalition froM theRe & beyond — i declare that operatioN enduRing emaiL & the war oN spaM continues on iN fulL effect yo — ain't no stopping the anti-spaMMers froM stopping the spaMMers that be ] no sooNer does this alarMing maladie reach a lulL of a conclusioN than does another Scara's Night Out grace the Lizard Lounge of Cambridge, Massachusetts ::: that's right — this veRy eveNing — moRe avant variety & madcap unpredictably unwieldiness ensues this veRy night beginning at 8 or so in the P.M. ::: more detaiLs heRe ::: we aRe suRe to please you mr postmaN — IF you know what i mean ::: >>>

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a warning to mr 'Z21' ::: we wilL find you ::: we wilL carefully disect the spaM you send & we wilL find you & bring you & your spamming coalitioN to justice & rid the world of spaM forever & evermore [ & eveN after that you — you — you spaMguy! ] ::: >>>


why do womeN like the brie so veRy much? ::: >>>

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