October 31, 2002 - 11:34 am

hip hop hero ::: >>>


i just heard about the horrific tragedy in hip hop today :::::: >>>

jam master jay of run dmc fame — shot right in the head — while in the recording studio in Queens New York ::: a very sad day for rap & hip hop around the world ::: >>>

i still remember the 3 leather-clad rappers milling through crowds in the black & white video for 'rock box' — downright revolutionary stuff ::: 'calvin klein ain't no friend of mine i don't want nobody's name on my behind' ::: perhaps my favourite lyrics concerning the new anti-establishment movement ::: straight up ::: >>>

a moment of silence for jam master jay ::: >>>


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October 30, 2002 - 9:34 pm

daylight savings tiMe - bringing me dowN ::: >>>


now & with the daylight savings tiMe ::: my evening commute back to my apartment swims like in a sea of dark & stars & tunnellike travellings ::: >>>

soMething strange happened of course :::::::::::::::: as many tiMes the strange thiNgs seeM to happeN on me :::: oN the drive back tonight ::::::::: i — listening to The Geraldine Fibbers on the cd player [ my favourite song — the rather rambunctious Jolene indeed yeS i say ] — i am driving along the highways & byways of the northeast wilderland commutertravails — pitchblack — cold freezing cold outside — i drive along the busy 128 — a glimmering emberway of brakelights flickering into the abyss ::::::::::::: >>>


eventually :::::::::::::::::::::::: i coMe across my turn-off street — put on the directional & turn-off [ no big surprises here i know — the saMe as every goddamday indeed ] ::: >>>

:::::::::::::::: ok :::::::::::::::: so now i roll along the windy way back to my apartment down the suburban streets & as i turn around what is usually a very quaint peaceful corner — a pickup truck swerves about & coMes to a sudden hault :::::::::: driver door opens — the steaM of breathing in the cold — driver door closes — the truck backs up — turns — & screeches away into the night :::::::::::::::: >>>


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: i decide to investigate a bit further ::: >>>

i pulL up to the sceNe of the pickuptruck stoppage ::: my headlights see before me the curled up body of a large dog ::: i park the car & get out w/ the engine stilL running ::: >>>

poor little guy ::: just huffing & puffing ::: steaM rising ::: the eyes dewy ::: blood on the front 2 legs glistening ::: tongue hanging to the street ::::::::::::::: >>>


i do not know what to do really ::: i look oN hiM like he is soMe sort of dying space alieN or something ::: >>>

i calL on my cell to the police & theN go over & sit w/ hiM & pet his fur oN the leftside ::: i would give hiM water or something if i had soMe in the automobile ::: i wait for approximately 27 minutes ::: the cops coMe — i give theM my informatioN & ask theM to calL me a bit later to follow up & let me know what has happened to my k9 friend — & theN i get back into my car & continue hoMe ::: >>>

3 hours later & it is as if the whole event were a dreaM ::: >>>


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