January 29, 2004 - 3:21 am

pope oN a rope ::: >>>

i had a bad dreaM & theN woke up & couldn't go back into the sleep ::: veRy typical as of late foR pooR pooR SiNuS aS the officeplace haunts me & makes me into a living, walking ghost of sorts ::: i am a bit paranoid i know that & this is foR suRe — you have to be carefuL what you say oN corporate america regardless of youR paranoia or lack thereof — & be carefuL who you say this things too as welL ::: you may vent for a bit about soMething that Becky iN accounting said iN the breakrooM while passiNg — just to pass conversation w/ a co-worker — you know? — & the next thing you know this co-worker could be usiNg alL that you said [ w/ a bit of a political t!tty-tw!ster to it ] to motivate youR other co-workers or youR immediate supervisor to look at you iN an entirely different light — distorted view — no? ::: how does hootie say it? cracked rear view ::: >>>

aNyhow — you caN imagine the headset of youR mind playing those opeN chords to the 9-to-5 theMesoNg no? — except now the theMesoNg is salaried & the intro goes oN & oN & oN — the soNg itself becomes 'working 7-to-7' soMetiMes longer thaN that ::: & alL w/ little spirituaL or cosMic rewards — but this is the way the cookie bounces — right? ::: i meaN — it's no rocket surgery — it's not eveN the plastic surgery — it's the nature of the beast the nature of playing w/ white tigers iN front of the crowd — the nature of thiNgs to coMe & the way they aRe now ::: >>>

a quick note foR alL of thoSe who have the interest ::: >>>

i wilL be appeariNg at PA's Lounge iN Somerville oN February 28 as part of the 'Le Cabaret des Enfants Terribles' performance series ::: it wilL be my first performance iN close to 10 months ::: of course — it almost goes without saying — SiNuS BRaDy is veRy happy about this thiNgs ::: let me know if you'd like to know moRe details about what i wilL be doiNg theRe oN that evening ::: but aNyways — otheR perforMers oN that evening wilL be Michael Bloom — Commodore Vic — Ken Glover — Leah Callahan — Nancy Lancy & What Time is It Mr. Fox ::: it should be good fuN foR alL — so please — stop oN by if you caN ::: >>>

& theN — furthermoRe — a bit oN the idea i had mentioNed iN the previous entry ::: my idea [ & please — keep this veRy hush hush ( eveN though i stilL have the patent iN my possessioN regardless ) ] is thiS ::: >>>


first — let me ask you soMething my netizen friends ::: how maNy tiMes have you beeN out & about — perhaps you are with your friends — perhaps you are figureskating oN a shallow pond iN apriL — maybe you aRe brushing the snow off of youR automobile windshield at the malL parkinglot — who knows? — welL — how maNy tiMes have you seeN soMething or soMeoNe involved iN a funny event? — friends — loved oNes — etcetera — how maNy tiMes have you witnessed a beautifuL emmense orange suN over the near-nighttiMe commute hoMe iN the falL? how maNy tiMes have you seeN this thiNgs & thought to yourself ... 'if oNly i had a camcorder right inside my eyebalL' ... no? — do you not occasionally think these thiNgs? ::: >>>

foR instance ::: soMeoNe is falling down — right? — perhaps aN 8-year-old is at the top of the slide ladder — stands up — blows the raspberries at 3 of his friends down oN the bottoM iN the gravel of the playground — & — suddenly he loses the balance ::: wouldn't you want to soMehow capture this moments oN video playback? ::: >>>

oR — you are at a restaurant — horsiNg around w/ youR comrads — drinking hot coffee ::: you laugh & youR friends laugh too ::: mid-laughing you accidentally flaiL youR arMs backward & knock the coffeecup across the booth tabletop — spilliNg the hot coffeedrink across the formica & onto youR friend's lap — ruiNing the new shirt he bought yesterday at Tello's ::: wouldn't you want to soMehow capture this oN the videotape ::: >>>

so faR my oNly reaL dilemma iN developing the technology [ as i have mastered the fiNe high-tech bio-art of implantatioN ] is decidiNg upoN the actual end-mediuM ::: i prefer 8mm filM — the low-fi graiNiness & such ::: but i aM almost certaiN that the consumer public wilL prefer to have instant visual time-based memories immediately digitized to mini-disk dvd foR eventuaL mass productioN & distributioN [ this would have made the paris hiltoN video easier to selL onliNe i aM almost certaiN ] ::: >>>

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