March 19, 2002 - 4:06 pm

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March 19, 2002 - 9:36 am


you can now go & sign my guestbook if you wish ::: >>>

just follow your nose to click & type & sigN away w/ whatever commentary you might have to contribute to the SiNuS BRaDy cause my friends my brothers ::: >>>

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March 19, 2002 - 5:08 am


after quenching much my thirst & sleeping a bit — i return to you w/ the conclusion of the strange occurences of march 19 2002 — eveningtime ::: >>>

so — in the pale dusk moonlite — w/ just a hint of greenish yellow from a streetlamp or 2 on my street — i see the dwarf-like youngsters frollicking upon the rooftop landing thru my diaphanous curtain window treatments — i watch a bit — & then i become very angry & shout :

'hey you — you dwarf-like younsters frollicking upon the rooftop landing — i can see you thru my diaphanous curtain window treatments — get out of here — ok?'

well — let me tell you — once they heard my wrath & hollering — the little people danced & frollicked away down & off of the rooftop landing — the wee giggling that accompanied their bacchanalian celebrations soon died down w/ their departure : & all was almost nice again :

soon thereafter — there was a strange flash of light outside the window & then the power went out quite suddenly — i could smell the vague but pungent scent of burnt human hair or something simmering in the nighttime air outside ::: >>>

when the power came back on approximately 17 minutes after the shortage — i was experiencing technical difficulties w/ the scanner : son of a bitch — you know? — just when i was photodocumenting & archiving my daily office experiences [ w/ my secondhandstore purchased 110 film camera ] — my efforts are cut short once again by the onslaught of these daily trifes : it really boils my balls this does : it invigorates me w/ a fervent malang — you know? :

do these things hang you up as well my friends? : please — let me know if such things happen to you — as sharing these episodic nightmares of living in a modurn man-invented & inventoried world can sometimes alleviate the condition — if you know what i mean ::: >>>


so — also — upon further reflections & also upon visit to the cufon website — i lead to the conclusion that these childlike pranksters upon the rooftop were not perhaps human but instead — they may have been otherworldy beings of some sort — greys or something — the light flash — the swooshing — the unexplainable power outage — my frikken scanner difficulties — something more must be going on here — i am even more thirsty now & even this is puzzle to me ::: >>>



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March 19, 2002 - 12:59 am

of all things — my scanner now does not register here at my home office ::: >>>

i wonder how this could have occured :

i know that the last & previous time that i went to scan in a document — i had no problems whatsoever — & now i am left w/ puzzles ::: >>>

i suspect it may have something to do w/ some outdoor movement i heard earlier in the evening : first i heard what sounded like the typical aeroplane flying by — a loud swooshing of inhumanly loud proporations : now — w/ all this abnormality & such in flight patterns due to the events of last autumn — it seems like the aeroplanes occasion to fly by right over my humble secondstory abode : but — enough of this ::: hearing the swoosh of an aeroplane i looked out to see what seemed like a wingless object dashing thru the sky ::: difficult to see — i must admit — but the distinct glare of the dusk sun upon metal & no decipherable wingspan whatsoever : very puzzle indeed : this i think nothing of at this point as i assume my eyes are dried out from nonstop computerized busywork from at the office & then after my commute home [ & after my dinnertime of bean soup w/ a corona ] : but : this is the life — no? ::: >>>

anyhow — hours pass — i watch a bit of postsuppertime television — some news — some videotaped bowling from the previous weekend saturday — a little bit of instructional videotape concerning the security settings & such of various boxes on the workplace premises — no doubt — so ::: hours pass my friend ::: & now i am tired w/ eyes continually pleading for some form of natural moisture — a rest from weary screenviewing all day long — no? ::: >>> well ::: >>> then ::: >>> i hear some other disturbances about my apartment : it sounds as if there are children scurrying about & a semigleeful manner on top of the rooftop landing outside the frontwindow of my secondstory apartment :

'what is this?' i think 'what the hell is this? children?— on the little rooftop landing? at this hour?' ::: >>>

well — i simultaneously phone my landlord — a true verminous detriment to society i say — but — i call to complain to him while looking out the windowpane peering out thru the little semi-transparent curtains that lightly breathe the cold nighttime air : i notice that these children are more dwarf-like in stature & they are definitely dancing about on the rooftop landing area outside the frontwindow of my secondstory apartment :

if you hadn't guessed — i like the phrase ::: >>> the rooftop landing area outside the frontwindow of my secondstory apartment ::: >>>


i am thirsty now — perhaps i will finish describing the ongoings of this strange evening once my thirst is quenched ::: >>>


frikken scanner : who could have done this things to me? ::: >>>



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