April 02, 2002 - 11:00 am

a fortuNe i found on my keyboard at work ::: >>>


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April 02, 2002 - 9:18 am


visit 9flights onliNe ::: >>>an interesting little site to visit is this 9flights ::: soMe design — soMe writing — a nice combination of the 2 i think ::: i like the rubber duckie dreams thing that ms paulsen has desigNed called 'leda dreaming' — a reference to the woman who loves geese i believe — or no — the swan — right? ::: anyhow — i just saw this site & i thought you would like to poke around my friends & enjoy the written & visual offerings — nice — elegant ::: also this 'Artsy Liberal Intellectual Collaboration' is a nice phraseology — no? ::: >>>


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April 01, 2002 - 10:39 pm

::: i didn't really do much at alL this easter ::: stayed in basically & had my good friend mar von janko over for a ravioli dinner ::: >>>

i don't really cook that ofteN for more than myself — but — when i do get the opportuNity i tend to surprise & impreSs myself :::

although mar & i are good friends — our views & vantagepoints concerning various issues are rather dissimilar : for instance — the overalL picture — the big difference that i can discerN rests in our variance in general demeanor & worldview ::: i am a bit uptight & paranoid perhaps — no? whenever this or that goes wrong — i am somehow paralyzed by the technical difficulties at hand & cannot rest cannot sleep cannot begin to contemplate going on to the next thing until this thing is resolved — thiS glitch — this blip or hiccup in the univerSe ::: mar on the other hand iS more easygoing — he is no lady's man by any meaNs — but he is just smoother around the edges in general — he takes it as it goes — if something is imperfect in his creatioN [ as is oftentiMes the case in point ] he willingly accepts this thiNgs — almost as a blessing from god or something

dirty peacheS ::: right this way my friends ::: >>>

a peculiar thing however — he speaks in riddles like soMe sort of hermetic asiaN recluse locked away in a mountaiN ::: he is always saying things like 'SiNuS, sometiMes the loudest answer resides in the sileNce of a millioN moths fluttering' — what the helL does this mean i would like to know? ::: also — this other quote from our easter dinner conversation really proved to confound me utterly — this 'everything is impossible' he says — & this while passing to me the salt ::: >>> what the hell does he mean by this? he is not terribly complicated in any way — there is no blatant negative vibe that would warrant this sort of expressioN from the man — he is usually there w/ a smile at the café sipping a raspberry latte — taking in the sights & sounds of a busy morning day — a loner at heart — usually armed w/ camera, cradled in his left arM — a book in hand to disguise his secret spyiNg of innocuous daily activities of the masses : he is not a pervert — he is not strange by any stretch of the imagination ::: he is almost as if the invisible eye — the fly on the ceiling as we say — the fantasizer the daydreamer if you wilL ::: >>>

i do not know what to make of hiM ::: but he is terribly good company — i am rather aloNe around the holidays & janko is eager to accompany me at mealtiMe as he is a horrible cook & rather superwilling to take advantage of my culinary attempts ::: >>>

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