April 26, 2002 - 8:06 am


go to the lisa 'left eye' lopes site ::: >>>well my friends ::: i am very sad to report to you that lisa 'left eye' lopes died in a car crash last thursday while vacationing in honduras ::: the crazysexycooL hiphopster best known from the band TLC had just started her solo career — she had just recently released the song 'block party' from her debut solo album 'supernova' — & thiNgs were moving along rather nicely for the 'left eye' — until this fatal accident ::: in the TLC — lisa was the 1 who had the black football make-up along the lower portion of her eye [ hence the nicknaMe we can surmise ] — & she was the 1 who added the rapping to many TLC hits [ a rather speedy & almost helium-induced rhyming sound & style — i quite liked the rap during the breakdown of 'no scrubs' track from the TLC 'fanmail' album — although i do not agree w/ the rather financial-based judgemental vibe of the 'no scrubs' — i did find it to be a jamming track — bringing me back to the summer & fall of 1999 — cold lamping in the jeep yo — driving slow to the mad beats ( or — this is at least what i am told ) ] :::

lisa was only 31 years old ::: >>> we will miss her ::: >>>

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