May 02, 2002 - 4:38 am

soMe of the mystery : perhaps explaiNed ::: >>>


being secluded in smalL rooM w/ a computer & an internet connectioN caN keep you entertained for quite a while as i am finding out ::: however ::: you eventually have to clear you cookies if you want to ellude aNy monitoring of any risque site visits you may have made [ if you understand my draft here ] ::: >>>

aNyhow ::: this inessential information aside ::: eveN theSe strange downward eXploratioNs into the nature of humaN reproductive frollickings caN get quickly boresoMe ::: & so — i find myself simply staring into the monitor at the glaRe & sheeN of the monitor screen — abstract refractioNs of light & hotspots of specularity ::: i find myself actually confronting my own image staring back at me reflected over the image of whichever website currently displays ::: a strange superimposition at that ::: >>>

my face several inches away from the monitor — i notice something rather peculiar about my reflectioN ::: down below my left ear & on the area where my skull meets the upper rather disturbing ::: isn't it? ::: >>>portions of my neck — there is now an 'X' shaped scar ::: i do not know how this got here ::: i assume that my abductors have placed something — a tracking device — a thought monitor — perhaps even a behaviour controlling chip — right beneath the skin & bone in my head & neck ::: this is not good my friends ::: who the helL ARE theSe people? ::: why would they do thiS to me? ::: >>>

my thoughts — of course — run a bit wild ::: i have been reading about this new 'rat-bot' thing that 'scientists' have created at university here in the states & i wonder how this technologies will be utilized outside of the animal kingdom — or — should i say — w/in the human spectrum of the animal kingdom ::: if we can control the rats — what else would we want to control? ::: fiction = science fiction ::: idea = reality ::: if it can only occur online through technological automatioN — alL of this can be mainstreamed to cut the cost for a better tomorrow ::: shopping carts ::: ecommerce ::: end-user behaviour manipulation ::: strange little laughter can be heard outside the door occasionally & now i wonder if it is real laughter — or — if some of my surroudings & perceptions can be altered using whatever this implantation might be ::: >>>

i could really use a coffee ::: >>>

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