May 03, 2002 - 3:45 p.m.

soMe of the mystery : perhaps explaiNed ::: >>>

i guess while i slept & dreaMed ::: soMething strange happeNed indeed ::: >>>

alL i know is that my rapid eye movement cycles were whirring something stupendous indeed ::: i had drifting & vivid visions of nighttime possum upon side of the highway scouring the breakdownlane for food ::: many cars passing by ::: i could feel the cold overcast nighttime winds — i could sense the stars in the sky — a big big world — a neverending universe filled w/ wonder & delight — somehow protected by a low canopy of clouds — rapid in their movement — movement faster than the passing highway cars ::: a sense of killers in the nearby woods ::: medical transplants ::: strange surgeories ::: a jury of onlookers & watchers who paid to see the medical proceedings ::: flashes of neurosynaptic electricity ::: >>>

giggles : i recall much giggling & haunting whispers — maniacal laughtracks — like subliminal suggestive miscued false audience laughtracks from many repeats of happy days & the like [ 'sit on it joannie' & then the invisible end-users laugh — nonexistent audience participants in a sitcom circus — 'sit on what richie?' i would like to say like to ask 'sit on this?' i might add to my series of questionings ] ::: >>>

alL i now is this ::: i waS having mad dreams ::: insane thought patterns ::: dreams where i could feel my own muscletone & movement ::: hours of dreaMs i believe from my estimatioNs ::: & then i awoke ::: >>>


out in the cold : broaddaylight : sunny new england afternoon : or at least it felt like it ::: >>>

i fumble to find my watch or cellphone : no sign of my abductors anywhere

& — as i pat down my pantfront i notice that AHA i do have my cellphone — nice abductors ::: >>>

i look at the date & tiMe ::: 3:33 PM the third of may ::: strange ::: >>>


i sit in slight pain & discomfort in an abandoned alleyway : not quite sure what city i am in ::: many theories of why i was kidnapped run thru my head : 2 particular theories coMe to mind now as i ruN thru & peruse my memories of this experience ::: >>>


wheN i woke i found myself in thiS strange alleyways ::: no clue as to my whereabouts or to how long i have been theRe ::: i dust myself off after sitting & adjusting to the daylight & the generaL grunge of the buildings & tarroad beneath me ::: finally at 3:33 PM i look to decipher my chonological locatioN — i get up & walk to the edge of the alleyway ::: >>>

upoN turning onto the mainstreets of this unknown city — a complete stranger walks by & says w/ a gleeful smile 'good morning' — 'good morning my friend' i offer in return & realize i am in new hampshire ::: only passersby in new hampshire would say 'good morning' at 3:33 in the PM :

& now : how to get hoMe? ::: >>>

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