June 02, 2004 - 7:29 am

more insanity soon to follow w/ this whole Lacy Peterson + Scott Peterson case yes yes i say completely insane — no? ::: i mean, there will be no evidence that i can think on here — no murder weapons or even the method of killing still remaining vague ::: but still ::: seriously ::: isn't he guilty? ::: >>>

but anyhow ::: seriously folks ::: i just flew in from Arkansas & boy are my arms tired ::: more & more these days i feel like i walk the land of the inside joke here in the good old US of A ::: one thing after another alL seemingly for injustice — standing up for the cause of the fast buck & what we can all get away with ::: the dot bombs ::: the investment scandals ::: the Iraqi prisoncamps ::: & now this whole starchy white OJ trial revisited with a special ring & a ding & quite caffeine-free ::: >>>

i am tired of the loopholes & people not standing up & taking the blame ::: the land of the best payed lawyer always wins syndrome ::: makes me sick when i am eating the wheaties — see? ::: it's not right & it's not why we stole this land from the Native Americans in the first place now — is it? ::: let's get back to doing things right again — eh? ::: >>>


well ::: at least one thing i can count on ::: my crest whitestrips are doin' the trick ::: i think i hurt a few people behind the counter at the cafe this morning when i flashed them my pearly whiter than whites this morning ::: raspberry late yes yum — smiley smile & then i blind them — no? ::: >>>

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May 28, 2004 - 8:19 am

ok ::: here is something that is on my mind recently concerning the bad treatment of the Iraqi prisoners of Abu Ghraib ::: first off : fantastic job there on our part [ much sarcasm ] : way to completely cosmetically show the face of America to the world : the pregnant soldier woman bending toward the asses on the pile of naked Iraqi prisoners — piled up like some sort of pornoflesh mashed potatoes — the woman soldier smoking a cigarette & smiling back at the camera like some sort of white trash female satan : nice going! : thanks for the PR — we need that! ::: then — you look on the photos of the naked prisoners with the bags on their heads — you see the man standing ala Christ on a box with arms outspread : electrodes attached to god knows how many of his arab extremeties : you see prisoners being forced to perform on each other only the things sex performers in Germany & the outer reaches of LA are legally allowed to do on camera after some age permissions release : & you wonder — if this is what they are doing to the _alleged_ terrorists & enemies captured on Iraqi soil — what is currently happening to Saddam Hussein? ::: i know he was this big bad enemy to us & that he tortured & killed & raped & pillaged his own people for decades [ now it is our turn i suppose? to step in & begin to torture & kill & rape & pillage Iraqis? 'yes — please liberate us,' i am sure many are thinking as they witness the crusade for democracy — the witch hunt for terrorism — the force feeding of supposed freedom ] : he personifies evil : pure concentrated evil : the great-grandfather of evil himself perhaps? : but still — i would love to see what his state is under US imprisonment — just to find out what sort of crazy CIA tricks are played worldwide to locate the ever-ellusive WMDs : show me the money! ::: >>>

perhaps the new national anthem should be sung to the song of the Monkees ::: 'hey hey we're McCarthy & people say McCarthy around but we're too busy bringing freedom to the people in town' ::: but who am i to say? right? i just live here? ::: >>>

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