June 12, 2002 - 1:13 am

soMeday my friends ::: you shalL see ::: >>>

i never knew there was a U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Acoustic Monitoring Project at Portland, Oregon ::: but i guess today they found out about thiS otherworldly underwater 'bloop' thing ::: unexplainable i guess ::: >>>

i think this mystery makes the world that much sexier ::: >>>


::: when i close my eyes :::


after much work on the computer monitor afterhours & whatnot — i close my eyes for a bit to rest them — they are veRy dry — & my eyelids aRe a bit sticky around the inner crux just above the bridge of my nose ::: wheN i close my eyes to rest for a bit — i see what look like little bits of lint & scratches in the lid — light slightly poking thru ::: i keep my eyes closed & stand up for a bit to stretch my back ::: there is noone at work at this hour today [ the push was last nite — i am cleaning up some database issues in a rather proactive manner ] ::: i can walk to the kitcheN w/o opening my eyes — i have doNe so before — & i begin to do so now ::: soMe inadvertant lummox has left their chair out a bit away from their desktop ::: i almost kilL myself as i stumble about trying to regain my balance ::: & then — i can feel the presence of someoNe else in the office ::: >>>

i do not know what to do [ perhaps it is just a janitor ] ::: >>>


i open my eyes & see that the lights are now off [ things still look like alL lint & scratches as a sort of afterimage to my blind office wanderings ]


'hello' i say





to a long silence ::: no response



'hello' agaiN



no respoNse


theRe is the distinct smelL of tunafish — a bit tinny from the caN i'd say at that ::: >>>

i reach into my right pants pocket for a bit of flosS & begin to rid myself of soMe leftover midafternooN snackage ::: everything is silent ::: just the slight squeaking of the floss across healthy guMs & shiny teeth ::: i am not veRy afraid at this point as there is soMe ambient light coming in from outside streetlighting & also from the emergency exit sign & the clock on a nearby desk — & besides — everything is dead silent ::: >>>




the lights flicker a bit & the huM of technology & corporate progress resounds & huMs once again ::: perhaps just a power outage ::: & soMe tunafish smells ::: >>>


a quick polandspring from the sodamachinedispenser & back to my desk for the remaiNing hour & a half of finishwork [ & a surfing or 2 during certain minor mini-pushes to the productioN server ] ::: >>>


late night : dry eyes : sore throat : numbnesSes ::: >>>




no response

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