March 25, 2002 - 3:19 pm


& so — in caSe you hadn't guessed this yourself — i have the 3 fingers at my second flooR apartment in a little tupperwaRe contaiNer ::: i am keeping them inside the refridgerator eveN though just the thought of this dahmeresque addition to my food repository turns my stomach a bit ::: but i figure this iS where i can reduce the odour the most — inside the fridge — this will preserve the tissue & boNe structure enough to keep things safe & sane in my life [ although i suppose that i should just ask someone in hr if someone is missing 3 fingers recently ] ::: >>>

what would you do? : i cannot figure out what to do myself : i am thinking that someone is trying to sabotage my pristine reputation at the workplace — or even within society : i am finding no clues whatsoever as to the person who disposed of the fingers in my wastebasket : & the thought permeates my inner conscience as i drift to sleep at night : 'who could do this' — i ask myself? 'why? why? why?'

the answer pervades me : it elludes me — escapes me : i ruminate these things every waking hour every minute of every day [ although sometimes i enjoy an ice cream or a movie or something & i do so uninterrupted or bothered by this issue — strange — no?

no no no - its diaryland ::: not dairyland ::: >>>

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March 25, 2002 - 3:00 pm


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March 25, 2002 - 10:52 am


welL — i caMe into the office this weekend to grab the fingers from my desk & remove them from the office environment : i felt that they were beginning to smelL a bit too acrid & that someone would have detected something maligned & examined further — perhaps then blaming a finger theft on me ::: >>>

these are the last things i need : i am already at times on the sh!tlist here & i do not want any more troubles or heartache in the land of the corporopolitic ::: >>>

on a lighter note ::: i had the great pleasure to rent a fine film that exposes the female psyche gone wrong in a modurn world : 'terror in the haunted house' — filmed in breathtaking psycho-rama — filmed in psycho-raMa : see it now ::: >>>poignantly examines the life of a screaming woman who is forced to confront the past that so terrifies her : stunning special effects rivet you to your seats — a tightly woven suspense plot makes you jump & throw your popcorn all over the place as shocks & twisty turns keep you shaking like an inbred dog ::: >>> of course ::: my favourite character is Jonah the caretaker — his presence throughout as a harbinger of the evil that lurks around on tippy toes brings a human warmth & persuasion to the piece : it is surprising that a film as round & full-bodied as 'terror in the haunted house' was at one time banned by the US government — i feel on the contrary that this film should be a manditory watching experience for every US citizen as it opens up branches of human psychological awareness that i did not formerly knew existed ::: >>>

i give 'terror in the haunted house' 3 fingers up — a true horror classic — timeless ::: >>>



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