April 11, 2002 - 9:07 am


i don't know about you ::: but i am extremely suspicious of anyone at the office who uses the salutation 'howdy' ::: >>>

perhaps it is because i am in 1 of the northeasternmost areas of these united states that i find this to be such strange greeting — & yet — this very morning i am making myself a hot chocolate at the machine in the kitchen area & 1 of the finance people here says 'howdy' to me ::: >>>

'fine — how are you, pardner?' i respond w/ a sly smile pasted on — oh, i know what he is up to — he is trying to break my resolve — trying to penetrate my psyche w/ his seemingly innocent morning inquisition — i know his game : 'howdy' he says — as if we both just stepped down off of our trusty steeds after wrangling wild cattle for hours in a dustbowl nazi ranch ::: well — i for 1 am not falling for this ::: i am sure this has something to do w/ investigation of the missing fingers — yes — he is definitely not on my side of the fence of life — he is a monitor of productivity & delving into the office politics of who does what & where w/ whom & so on ::: this boils me up inside ::: i do not deserve this sort of treatment my friends ::: >>>


i return to my desk — hot cocoa in hand — & mouse my way into a rowdy surfing rage — my absolve these fuming angers ::: >>>


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