July 09, 2003 - 6:40 am

coMe out coMe out ::: >>>


::: [ happy happy ] :::this week has beeN like the veritable ghosttowN oN the corporate workplace ::: barely a souL left in the office — & those little troopers who grace our space with their presence aRe indeed like the living dead of soMe sort ::: but — this is beside the points ::: >>>

i am stunned this morning to find oN my morningtiMe commute to the workplace my inimitable anti-friend & stalkerpaL — noNe other than the 5head iN alL his stalker-like glory — sitting at the café table — casually glancing oveR as i patiently wait oN the liNe — watching — waiting — a reaL paiN oN the asS ::: >>>

today though is a bit different thaN the otheR days of his creepy near-sinus presence ::: he watches & stares ::: but alL the tiMe he is also talking with soMeoNe who is sitting at a comfortable beateN up loveseat ::: aS i aM iN the queue i cannot decipher the approximity of the 5head's new companioN — but it appears that their conversatioNs aRe happy oNes — as the 5head occasionally chuckles & theN leans iN to tap the new stranger w/ a manly snap of the fingertips oN the upper silhouette of an invisible shoulder hidden behind the puffy little seat ::: >>>

it's alL too much fuN for our little cromagnoN w/ the recording studio stylings — every oNce oN the while he smiles a bit while looking off to the ceiling [ but i know he is spying me through his peripheral visioNs ] — every once iN a while he leaNs forward & stares at the flooR while muttering soMething [ he wishes he could smoke i bet i bet he does yes i do | uh — but don't forget the baN ] — he soMetiMes picks at his left thumbnaiL w/ his right pointer finger — he needs a haircut badly [ how unlike the 5head ] — he is a jesus-loving freak w/ his sandals & woven anklet w/ little cutesy beads [ this is a new additioN to the rockstar fashioN statement wardrobe of his ] ::: >>>

i finally purchase my coffee froM the kindly womaN behind the counter [ complete w/ a dope gold-tooth smiLe & a neck-curled tattoo ] ::: i go tot he mixing statioN ::: although the 5head remaiNs cooL & casuaL — seemingly not looking directly at me — i feeL his eyes oN my every move [ & my heart races ] ::: >>>

after adding the half & half — about 7 sugars — & the coffee cover lid — i turn to move toward the exit door ::: w/ my suspicious strides to release myself to the outer world [ almost a free man agaiN ] i slyly take a gander at the loveseated stranger & aM completely horrified & surprised to find that it is none other thaN mar von janko ::: >>>


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June 30, 2003 - 3:06 pm

::: [ brokeN watch ] :::

the future is just a manmade concept — another self-invented construct — another clever device created to put mankind at the center of this universe

we know better though

there is no time

there is no future

there is only continuum

& even that has stopped

::: >>>


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June 30, 2003 - 6:09 am

::: [ just anotheR day ] :::
::: [ kissing on every corner ] :::

it's alL fuN & gaMes until somebody pokes youR eyes out they say — is this not soMething they say? — is this not so? ::: >>>

the visiNe lately does not get my red out ::: i aM tired of much of this office politics & the daily grind & just knowing that there is no knowing what is to happeN next ::: theRe aRe no smiling faces aNymoRe — theRe is no bait & glee — the raiN has beeN washed out of the sails so to so speak — and theN next coMes the aftermath of a near-red tomato ::: >>>

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firebrands for macy — tunafish for Len ::: >>>

::: no alternative tag listed for this either :::

i aM not suRe where this is alL going or wheN it is goiNg theRe ::: oR anything at alL for those matters ::: primrose thunderstripe ::: donkeykong nightmare iN the row — this is not the way to go or the went to believe oN such ::: i caN only hope & save & pinch my tiMeleft undersleeve & pray to escape the daily onslaught of blindsides & dismay & theN collect it alL up like honey — like a pocketfuL of crumbs & bits that remaiN ::: take the HT hoMe as quick as possible before the tumult does strike down oN theSe humid summer days ::: & climb 3 flights up to my apartment dwelling to jot it alL dowN before the crumble & falL [ iN a last-ditch attempt to archive the feeling of numbness the history of demise & fleeting nooks of memory — iN a brief & little undertaking to compile oN paper oN screeN oN cvs receipts the frittered dally of moments wasted in decay & stitch ::: a final scrawL & bake into poetry ] ::: >>>


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June 26, 2003 - 11:20 am

::: [ info foR the schmoozeR ] :::

welL ::: anotheR update heRe froM the land of siNus BRaDy ::: >>>

office tensioN is high — people aRe looking around alot lately — assessing each other and figuring out ways they caN add value to the corporate environment during these economically-challenging tiMes ::: theRe aRe no longer any friends ::: anything and everything you say caN be and wilL be used against you if you relax for even a mere microsecond ::: so — do not put your guard down for even the moment ::: >>>

everyoNe has beeN turned into an automated intelligence professional — spies within the organizatioN if you catch my draft — and — it brings down the company in maNy maNy ways ::: >>>

i know for the fact that at least 2 of my previosly-friendly co-workers have becoMe the eyes ears nose & throat of the upper echeloN ::: i refuse to converse with theM now for my own safetysake ::: wheN i have my luncheon of escargot & honey-graham crackers out on the picnic benches — i am sure to move myself if they coMe near ::: i make sure they understand i recognize their new functionality on the officeplace by coldly staring back at them when they are talking to me ::: i forward any spam i get to them and pretend it is the virus or something like that — a very strange circumstance that i do not enjoy at all and whatsoever too — and i know not what to do about this things ::: >>>

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welL — besides this office observatioNs — i have also noticed soMe peculiar sitings upoN my commute to & from the officeplace ::: every little drive i take seeMs to situate me by people juggling — is this the circus try-out seasons or something? — where do they get these juggling piNs? — how did they learn this craft enough to not hit chins & noses & foreheads during their self-training sessioNs? ::: aNyhow ::: just a bit of casual observatioNs while driving — no? ::: >>>


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